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RockShox Bottomless Tokens (Qty 3)

RockShox Bottomless Tokens allow riders to easily custom tune their RockShox fork’s air-spring performance.  This ensures that the forks best match your own riding style and suspension preference.

Adding the easy-to-install Bottomless Tokens changes the air-spring curve to resist bottoming-out after a big hit. People sometimes refer to this as ramping up.  So basically the fork gets stiffer the further you go through the travel, giving you a bottomless feeling fork.  Also by adding the tokens, you can usually reduce your fork air-pressure by about 5% making small bumps feel smoother.

If you’re an aggressive rider then adding tokens will give you the ability and power to hit the trails harder.

Removing Bottomless Tokens makes the air-spring curve more linear, enhancing suspension feel for certain types of terrain or trail condition.  It will ensure that riders who are less front-end aggressive benefit from 100 per cent of their fork’s travel.


  • Grey bottomless tokens are compatible with the following Solo Air forks: Pike, Lyrik, Yari, Pike DJ, BoXXer
  • Dark red bottomless tokens are compatible with the following Dual Position Air forks: Pike, Lyrik, Yari

Sold in quantities of 3.

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RockShox Bottomless Tokens

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