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Orange Seal Tubeless Rim Tape 24mm

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Product Description

Orange Seal Tubeless Rim Tape 24mm

Orange Seal Tubeless Rim Tape 24mm x 11m long will fit most mountain bike rims.

The elasticity of the tape allows greater flexibility in fitting different types of rims and form factors. It provides a secure, lightweight and air-tight seal to your rim.

We use this rim tape in our workshop as it is highly versatile and we find it works with the vast majority of rims.  Although it is very strong it is also very thin.  This is great because it provides a great seal and tends not to get caught by the tyre.

Product FAQ

How should I prepare my rim?

It is definitely best to clean the rim as well as you can.  We use an alcohol-based spray to clean off any existing sealant or mud.  Once the rim is clean you will have a much better chance of getting a nice tight seal.

How much do I need to use?

We find that it is best to start just before the hole in the valve.  From there you tightly apply the tape to the rim covering any holes.  Overlap the valve hole so that there is a double layer of tape over the hole.

How do I insert the tubeless valve?

Once you have applied your rim tape, take a small pick and poke a hole through the rim tape over the top of the valve.  Once you have a small hole there push your tubeless valve through the hole with the Presta valve closed.

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